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marketing kpis to track

How to Identify Marketing KPIs to Track for Growth

No matter the size of your business, identifying KPIs is important when pushing to align departmental goals, as well as collective company goals. Knowing what triggers your target audience to engage with your brand will help you figure out exactly where your marketing dollars should be allocated. KPIs also help you understand if you’re on the right track to hit the goals you’ve put in place. And as you continue

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how to create a content calendar

How to Create a Content Calendar

Do you know what content you’re going to be publishing and sharing out this week? What about the rest of this month? Do you have a consistent schedule laid out so that everyone in your company has visibility?  A content calendar is a great way to keep track of your output, plan, stay organized, and align departmental efforts. From the product team to sales and marketing, the content needs are

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How to Write Messaging That Will Generate Sales

It’s no secret that pictures are worth a thousand words, which is why they can be so powerful when selling a product. But let’s face it: images alone aren’t usually enough to clinch the deal. Those visuals need to be put into context for the reader, stir their emotions, and incite them to act.  That’s where powerful sales copy comes into play. Your messaging is the pillar of your entire

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landing page conversions

How to Build Landing Pages That Will Convert

Marketers spend good money to drive qualified traffic to your landing page. Let’s face it: there’s a ton of competition online and it’s not easy to cut through the digital noise. And once you do manage to get the right people on your page, you want to make sure your page is strong enough to convert them into leads (or better yet — paying customers).  Studies show you only have about

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b2b email workflows

How to Build B2B Email Marketing Workflows That Will Convert

Nurturing your leads is a huge part of successful B2B marketing. Getting leads is hard enough, and once you do finally have some prospects, the last thing you want is for them to fall off your radar. And since following up is the number one struggle sales reps experience, it’s essential to put the right tools in place to prevent leads from falling through the cracks. However, it’s equally important that you

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generating leads during covid19

5 Key Ways to Successfully Generate Leads During COVID-19

As businesses are temporarily closing or experiencing major reductions in phone calls and foot traffic, business owners are faced with a new challenge: continuing their marketing and selling efforts without seeming unempathetic.  The pandemic has been on the lips and minds of everyone across the country. Its impact has drastically affected the way we live and work, so it’s no surprise that consumers and business owners alike struggle with the

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lead gen funnel

A Guide On How to Build a Marketing Funnel for Lead Generation

Mapping out the buyer journey is key to marketing success. Being able to visualize their lifecycle stages, how marketing efforts will attract and influence potential buyers to become customers and contribute to retention will help with measurability.  More specifically, having a marketing funnel to align with your lead generation efforts is a great way to learn: What channels your hottest leads come in from Where in the funnel most of

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How to Use Webinars to Drive Sales

You know you have a tremendous product or service that can make a world of difference for your customers. If you could just give people a closer look at that product, you’re sure you would be able to close more sales. One way to get the face time you need (at least in a virtual way) is by hosting webinars. An informative webinar that offers truly valuable information while also introducing

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omnichannel marketing strategy

How to Create an Omnichannel Marketing Strategy

Marketing your products and services is a must for the success of any business. Finding the right marketing mix, allocating the budget accordingly, and then figuring out how to track and measure everything can feel overwhelming.  Earlier this week, I published a blog post on How to Build a Quarterly Marketing Roadmap, which covered specific ways that businesses and marketing professionals alike could implement a marketing roadmap to drive the best

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How to Build a Quarterly Marketing Roadmap

At the beginning of every new quarter, a common practice for many businesses is to review the previous quarter, looking at the wins, challenges, and opportunities. Being able to properly review your quarterly marketing performance also means that you’ve built a roadmap that enables you to easily track and measure success.  In fact, reporting is nothing new when it comes to analyzing which of your marketing initiatives are performing, which

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