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How to Growth Hack Your Way to a 10x Plus ROI

Lately, I’ve been thinking about the companies I’ve worked with and what separates those who do marketing well and those who continue to struggle. Marketing isn’t what it used to be when the focus was all about awareness, and the effectiveness of your efforts was difficult to track.  Digital marketing has changed so much. More specifically, technology has changed everything in marketing. It has changed how we interact, advertise, and

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video marketing

How to Attract Customers with Video Marketing

When it comes to effectively driving awareness and engaging with your target audience, video marketing makes a whole lot of sense. There are many different ways businesses can present their video assets — not only to position and promote their products/services but also to be educational.  Just as you would approach blogging for your business, adding videos into the mix is just as important. From picking out topics, determining presentation

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digital marketing strategy guide

The Definitive Guide to Creating a Digital Marketing Strategy

Stop winging it and start following a roadmap that’s customized for your business with your products, goals, and audience in mind. Introduction: The What and Why of Marketing Strategies A substantial part of all marketing is now digital. Gone are the days when we relied on Yellow Pages, billboards, and radio ads to spread the word about our business. Now, we can take to the digital airwaves to reach a

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marketing strategy

Marketing Strategies Every Business Should Use for Explosive Growth [Updated]

Can a business succeed without marketing? It’s not likely. Even businesses that aren’t currently invested in a long-term marketing strategy have done some form of marketing to get the word out. When you think about it, marketing is in nearly everything we do, from content, ad creatives, landing pages, emails, etc. What’s more important is that you are focusing on the initiatives that not only align with specific marketing goals

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marketing roi

How to Maximize the ROI From Your Marketing Efforts

Just as there are many companies that are thriving with their marketing initiatives and implementations, there are also many companies that are not seeing any real results with theirs. The difference between those who actually do well and those who don’t really comes down to one big thing: the investment. The investment isn’t just about your marketing budget, but it’s really about the people you hire to help execute the

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digital marketing

5 Powerful Ways Reach Your Target Audience

If you’re a business owner or in the C-Suite at a tech startup, one of your biggest objectives is to find ways to reach your target customers. This isn’t just about creating a pathway to making a ton of sales, but it’s about building that positive brand affinity, awareness, likeability, and proliferation beyond a simple transaction. Companies that want to survive and scale over time have to continue doing one

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content marketing

How to Build Tons of Value with Your Content Marketing

Creating and distributing valuable content has to be an integral part of every single growth initiative and plan. We live in a digital world where it is easy to expand your reach, target specific personas, and understand which content topics and types perform best.  The hardest part about content is the actual creation itself. Putting in the time, effort, and investment needed to develop content that will resonate with your

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lead generation

5 Must-Haves to Skyrocket Leads and Sales

At the start of every new year, I work hard with my clients to help solidify their marketing plans for the rest of the year, segmenting out initiatives by quarter with quantifiable key results we want to achieve. Given the fact that the majority of my clients are in the B2B SaaS realm, they obviously want more leads and sales. Simple as that.  It is common that this is what

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BBB digital marketing

5 Digital Marketing Strategies BBBs Should Execute for Massive Growth

Back in 2014, I received a LinkedIn message from the CEO of Better Business Bureau Northwest + Pacific who was interested in getting marketing help but explicitly stated he probably couldn’t afford to hire me in-house. Instead, we decided to work on the basis that I’d bring him on as a client for my marketing firm and help with two specific initiatives: grow awareness and generate qualified leads. Naturally, ensuring

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lead scoring

How to Build a Killer Lead Scoring Model for Marketing and Sales

For any B2B company that’s pushing to generate leads, it’s essential to identify which leads are ready to go to sales and which ones marketing should continue nurturing. This is where a lead scoring model has to be established. It is important to note that 50% of leads who come through the pipeline are not yet ready to buy yet.  Before we dive in, let’s take a look at some

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