about fastmarkit

Founded in 2010, Fastmarkit started off as a side-hustle. After four years of successfully running it as such, our Founder & CEO, Suttida Yang, decided to go full-time.

The big push for her came after she’d been working in the tech startup scene for nearly ten years and made a successful exit with a smart home startup that sold to Google’s Nest. That allowed her to really take the full leap into entrepreneurship and focus solely on growing and running Fastmarkit.

Fast forward to present day — Fastmarkit operates unlike any other marketing agency out there. That’s why when you work with us, you’re going to be working with the people you had initial contact with, which means no hand-offs to junior people who can somewhat execute but can’t strategize and vice versa. We pride ourselves on the expertise we bring to the table. Doing so means that your marketing initiatives will show tangible results to revenue growth.

Our team is unique because we take your vision, build the right marketing strategy supported by results-driven executions to ensure you see business results. We also don’t just work with anyone because there is such a thing as a “bad sale.” We push hard to work with companies that share the same vision for collaboration, respect, honesty, and transparency so that growth becomes a win-win for both sides. 

unmatched expertise that will scale all of your marketing efforts exponentially